Pupil Testimonials
 that you read he
re are quotes are from real students. The content comes from either e-mails thank you cards or text messages that we get sent. 

A big thank you to Tony for helping me pass my driving test, with only 4 minors in the end! Really pleased! I had some lessons elsewhere some years ago, but A1 Nationalís were easily the best. Tony has so many positive qualities that make him a brilliant instructor and all-round good guy. This meant I always felt happy and relaxed during my lessons. I would recommend Tony to anyone that wants to learn to drive. Thanks again.
Dan, Southend on Sea

Hi mate just wanted to say thanks again for your help over the weekend and was good to meet you. I'd like it if you could put the below as a recommendation from me on the website 'done 15 hours with Tony was a great pleasure and makes you feel at ease (helps he was a fellow cockney and a right laugh) passed with just 5 minors and thats all down to Tony and his knowledge. Can't thank him enough' 
Chris, Tilbury 

Passed today 3 minors, I was surprised how easy it all seemed after my last lot of lessons a few years ago. Tony said its because he was so good lol. Joking aside he is a top teacher with a cool name and what he dont know about football aint worth knowing ;) 
Tony, Rochford

Roundabouts were my BIGGEST fear, 40 hours and as Tony put it I drive like a pro ;) thank you 
Mandi, Rochford

For years I was worried about learning to drive and within the first hour I thought why did I put it off. Great lessons with a great instructor.
Chris, Wickford

Thank you for putting up with my minor nervous breakdowns every week. My husband thinks you are nuts! It feels so great knowing I can drive now and wanted to say thank you.
Jean, Southend on Sea

20 HOURS and passed! Thank you again Tony for being so chilled out  even when I wasn't !!
Jo, Southend on Sea

You said I'd pass and I did ! YAY GO ME thanks Tone :)
Hayley, Leigh on Sea

Big big thank you to Nic Brown who is a great instructor for getting me passed first time today.
Mindy, Southend on Sea

No more buses for me, thanks to Tony for pointing me in the right direction. Ive had tests before with other schools but this was by far the best lot of lessons I have had. Cheers again
Alan, Rayleigh

Dear A1 National, I have just passed my driving test with 2 minor errors. I am so so pleased. Could you tell Nic Brown that he was a real boost to my confidence.
Mel, London

Hi, cheers again Tone for helping me pass first time. My mums well pleased she aint got to give me lifts everywhere now. Seriously tho man you are a great teacher and wouldn't have done without you. 
Max, Wickford

Just passed first time with 4 minors and wanted to say thanks to Tony for all of the help he gave me. His top tips were great lol
Rob, Wickford

Had 2 test before having a course with A1 and thought I was a lost cause. Tony made me feel like I could drive on my own all day. I passed with 4 minors and feel so good. A big big thank you for making me feel relaxed and confident. 
Karan, Rayleigh

Brill xmas present - passed first time with Tony cant stop grinning, have good one
Becky, Southend

What can I say, you said I was a good driver but didn't think id pass first time let alone with only 2 minors
Really enjoyed the 20 hours . Cheers again Tony
Rob, Laindon

PLEASE READ - after 40 lessons with another driving school my old instructor told me I needed 20+ more lessons. My dad had been saying for weeks I was being mugged off but I trusted my old instructor. Eventually my dad booked me in with Tony at A1 National who told me he would have me ready for test in 4 hours true to his word after 2 lots of 2 hours I passed today first time! with 5 minors! yay Thank you so much.
Clair, Southend

Thank you Tony. I passed first time today with 4 minors, you taught me a real life skill. I will pass on your number to anyone who asks about learning to drive.
Ian, Southend
Thank you Dave you made it very easy for me, you are a top man. My little brother will be in contact soon. Thanks so much, and only 1 minor.
Joseph, Essex

Made my year man. 26 LESSONS and I pass first time, the girlfriends well happy with me (for a change) Catch you later Tone thanks again for your help.
Arron, Westcliff on Sea

To Tony, cheers mate you got me through it extremley well. You're a quality instructor and a right laugh which helped nerves. I recommend this man to anyone who wishes to take lessons.
Callum, Hullbridge

I was so pleased when I passed I didn't really say thanks properly. I've calmed down (a bit) now so THANK YOU Tony!
Clara, Brentwood

I'd be happy to recommend A1 National as they have helped me out massively! The DSA moved my test date which caused me a big problem as I had come over from France to do the course. Tony managed to find me another test. Which I passed. Thank you ever so much for all your help I am truly grateful! 
Anton, Paris/Hockley

Would like to sat how pleased we were with my sons intensive course. Thank you to Tony for getting him up to standard in such a short time and to the office for  booking his theory and practical tests at such short notice.
Mr Bryson - Clacton on Sea

Well chuffed with my Instructor Nic Brown for getting through the test first time in only 6 days
and with only 2 minors. I've given all my mate your number. Thanks again Terry.
James - Basildon

Thank you for all your time and help. I would have never done it without you. 
Chloe - Southend on Sea

Thanks to Nic Brown for all his time and hard work he put in to get me through my test.
Jon - Laindon

Dear A1 National, I have just passed my driving test with 2 minor errors. I am so so pleased. Could you tell Nic that he was a real boost to my confidence.
Melisia, London

I did it at last. 3 minors a big big thank you to Tony for getting me through my test.
Laurance - Leigh on Sea

20 HOURS! and I passed. Thanks man See you soon for a beer.
Wesley - Southend on Sea

Just a quick note to say a great big thank-you to all at A1 National for organizing my driving course.   Special thanks to Tony for getting me through my test, I still cant belive I've passed.
Sean. Leigh

All the guys at A1 helped my son through his test and we are all very pleased.
Jane, Eastwood

I just wanted to say thank you to Tony for all his help this week, I feel like a real professional now that I have my full licence.
Josh, Rayleigh

I passed today with 2 minors. Thanks to Dave for all the help and advise.
Dave, Rayleigh

Thanks to Tony I passed my test in just 30 hours. Cheers.
Brian, Rochford

Dear Tony
I just wanted to say thank you to all of you at A1 National for helping me pass my dirivng test.
Tony was an excellent instructor - extremely patient and encouraging. I would definitely recommend him and your company to anyone considering taking driving lessons in the future.
Best Regards
Tarun, Southend

Oh yeah, Im off to get me a scooby. Passed first time with Tony
Brad, Rayleigh

Had 20 lessons last month with Tony and even though he's a Chelsea supporter, he was really good. I passed and am well happy. Cheers.
Phill, Eastwood

I called last week and A1 National got me booked in at the last minute on a 35 hour course. I just passed in Basildon with only 2 minors...
Chaz, Westcliff

OMG OMG I passed......Big massive thanks to Tony and all the team at the office. Off to Talk tonight to celebrate.
Laura, Southend

I just wanted to say thanks to Dave for helping me to pass my test first time! I will be recommending A1 National to all of my friends who are interested in taking an intensive course. Brilliant.
Jamie, Rochford

Hello Tony, 
Thank you again-again,LOL for being such a brilliant instuctor you really made me feel like I could pass first time-which I did. whoop whoop
Lizzie, London

Dear Tony,
I have just passed my driving test!!! I just wanted to say thank you for sorting everything out and for making everything so easy for me. Also, Tony was brilliant. He was the best instructor I have ever had and I just wanted to tell you so you know that you have a good instructor working with you all. I will definitly be recommending him and A1 to my friend who is looking to start her lessons. So thanks again for eveything and I have to say that I am very pleased that I will never have to email you again!!
Lucy, Westcliff

Hi Tony, 
I passed my driving test yesterday.. first time and with only 6 minors! I'd done a 30 hour course with your instructor Dave. He was patient and encouraging, and explained everything thoroughly. He was always well presented and hes really easy going, we got along great. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better instructor!! I'd happily recommend him to anyone. I would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks & appreciation to Dave.
Sophie, Southend.

I have just got home after a 25 hour automatic course and am over the moon about passing. A big big thank you to all involved in booking my course and room and a special thank you to Tony Davis for all he's done over the last week.
Anne, London 

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Dave I couldnt of passed my driving test without him hes great.
Jemma, Southend on Sea

Can you tell Tony thanks for getting me through my test. 
Kelly, Rochford

I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again Tony.
Sophie, Westcliff-on-Sea

Could you tell Dave he was a well wicked teacher and thanks for all her help.
John,  Basildon

Dear A1 National, I have just passed my driving test with 2 minor errors. I am so so pleased. Could you tell Tony that he was a real boost to my confidence.
Melisia, London

Thank you so much for your help I passed first time you provided a friendly and proffesional service I couldnt of done it without the help of Dave top man thanks.
Andy, Boreham Wood

Cheers to Tony he did a great job, ive passed his number to a few of my mates. They will be calling very soon.
Sam, Leigh-on-Sea

Hey Tony, big big thanks for all your help last week. I bought a Clio today and its fab. Thank again
Jo,  Clacton